Risk and Hazard Analysis

Our Risk and Hazard Analysis services include:


We provide a sound risk assessment and mitigation process that helps highlight design issues and their operational consequences. We help identify potential single-point failures, rank them according to likelihood of occurrence and severity; identify what can and cannot be changed or mitigated, and provide appropriate operational and/or design changes early in the new build cycle.


Dependent on your specific needs, we can review technical documentation, prepare an analysis template for a hazard workshop, facilitate the workshop, analyze the workshop results, and report the findings including identified hazards, risk levels, action items, recommendations, and open issues.

Vendor Quality Assessment

We work with your vendors to compare their stated system engineering policies and processes with industry-standard practices and actual project execution. When performed early in the rig lifecycle, requirement gaps and quality problems can be corrected in the most cost-effective manner.

CyberSecurity Assurance

Repeated cyber intrusions into organizations of all types demonstrate the need for improved CyberSecurity in upstream Oil & Gas. Cyber threats continue to grow, and represent one of the most serious operational risks facing modern E&P organizations. Athens Group’s 3-Tier CyberSecurity Assurance Program, based on the Electricity Subsector CyberSecurity Capability Maturity Model developed for the US Departments of Homeland Security and Energy will identify and reduce risks at the organization, geographic, and individual asset levels.

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