Construction and Refurb

Our Construction and Refurb services include:

Integrated Systems Lifecycle Management(SM)

Following a systems development and integration quality process is critical to the safe and reliable deployment of complex integrated control systems. This is especially true in the early stages of a new build or upgrade project. Athens Group can help you evaluate all of your options, including long-established quality processes as well as the more recent software class notations from DNV, ABS and LR. Athens Group has the most experience in implementing software class notations as well as the longstanding regulations, standards and best practices upon which these class notations are based. We can help select the most cost-effective solution for your needs and support you during implementation to help achieve required operational quality and safety levels.


Our Technology Assurance ServicesSM help ensure that the rig or platform you accept is safe, fit for purpose, and compliant with contractual and regulatory requirements.


We review your contract, functional requirements, design specifications, network topology, and user documentation to plan and track commissioning activities and improve manual and simulation test plans. We help manage and execute the tests and track all issues to closure to help mitigate adversity to your operations.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Before equipment is installed, we review all applicable documentation, as well as control systems, to catch inconsistencies, prevent failures, and help ensure your asset will function as required.

Systems Integration (SIT)

We offer a comprehensive view of systems and project management to help your team develop a complete plan that addresses SIT requirements and operational scenarios.

Project Management

We help ensure that the integrated control system project gets the attention it needs so that critical performance, safety and delivery schedule elements are not placed at risk.

HIL Test Verification

Our HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) independent verification services help ensure your HIL testing is a comprehensive analysis of your integrated control system performance rather than just a demonstration of generic equipment behavior.

Alarm Management

We help you create a corporate alarm philosophy that meets required standards and industry best practices. This helps ensure that critical alarms are addressed in a prioritized manner.

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