Rig Operation Assurance Services Testimonials

Athens Group is your comprehensive service provider for the verification and inspection of all marine, subsea and drilling systems throughout your asset’s lifecycle. From Topsides to Subsea, from FEED to obsolescence and from control systems to electro-mechanical — our consultants apply our systems engineering approach to verification, validation and inspection services to ensure compliance with the highest standards for safety, performance and reliability.

Since 1998, Athens Group has worked on over 350 high specification drilling and production projects worldwide. We have a 100 percent referenceable customer base of major oil companies, drilling contractors and shipyards.

Among our customers are the world’s leading E&P companies including BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, Marathon Oil, Diamond Offshore, ENI, Maersk,  BHP Billiton, Murphy Oil, Repsol, Seadrill, and Total.

Contact us to request a complete list of rigs we’ve assured and the companies that have engaged us.

“We were really, really pleased with the professionalism.  Hats off to Athens Group. These guys we had on this particular job were top notch. They were excellent.”—Drilling Operations Superintendent, ExxonMobil

“I can’t think of anything that could have been improved. We apologize for not having anything negative to say, that you can improve on. Athens Group from day 1 understood what we wanted from this project.  They worked very much as a team. We were really impressed with their people and their knowledge about HIL testing.” —Drilling Facilities Project Engineer, BP

“The support from the Athens Group consultant gave us during this important project was absolutely commendable. He walked us through the ISDS project, the ins and outs, how DNV looks at it, how companies get audited. It was really impressive, I really appreciated it.” —Lead Service Project Manager, GE Oil & Gas

“In the future, if another chance will come, I would wish to work again with you and make another record which completed successfully under your professional support.” —Project Manager, DSME

“There is no doubt that Athens Group helped reduce schedules delays and downtime as a result of the Commissioning work they did. Their consultants were a real asset to our team, making our rig safer and more reliable. They were very professional and knowledgeable, and worked hard to help ensure that our rig would be delivered drill-ready and on-time.” — Acceptance Manager, ExxonMobil 

“You guys have done and excellent job and have been great to work with. There’s no telling how many train wrecks you guys have prevented!” — Superintendent, Orlan Drilling Operations

“We engaged Athens Group to provide validation and verification services for rig control systems during the construction and startup of our drillships, the Pacific Bora, Pacific Scirocco, Pacific Mistral and Pacific Santa Ana. With Athens Group’s support, no significant control systems related to downtime has occurred on these four vessels to-date, enabling us to achieve our goal of providing Pacific Drilling customers with state-of-the-are-high-specification units.” — VP Technical Support, Pacific Drilling

“We choose Athens Group as they offer us a holistic approach to software control and change management, including an understanding into how these systems are constructed… we are now in a much better position to ensure that software faults are found before they lead to costly equipment failure and downtime” — Engineering Manager, DrillMAX Fleet

“I was very pleased with Athens Group’s performance on this project. It was a difficult contract for you all because the scope changed several times and we had to change some of the technicians’ working schedules. I found that you guys documented yourselves very well and were very flexible, which is key in this business. I have recommended you to others.” —Drilling Package Delivery Manager, BP
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