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Athens Group Inspection & Survey Services help prevent equipment downtime and last-minute regulatory surprises that can delay drilling campaigns. Our integrated systems approach is fit-for-purpose and exceeds the limits of traditional surveys. Our Inspections and Surveys include:

Electro Mechanical Inspection Services
Electro-Mechanical Inspection Services are an integral element in the acquisition, lease and maintenance of a drilling or production asset. They can satisfy specific regulatory requirements, as well as the underlying need to effectively manage risk.

Electro-Mechanical Inspection Follow-up Services
Electro-Mechanical Inspection Follow-up Services are an integral element in the acquisition, lease and maintenance of a drilling or production asset. They can maximize operational uptime by minimizing the time required to evaluate, prioritize and fix issues uncovered during periodic inspections.

Rig Selection Survey

Provides a comprehensive view of the rig’s operations and management of change practices and maintenance programs and determines its compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements.

Rig Condition and Acceptance Survey

Reviews your contract specifications, assesses the condition of the rig and measures its performance against your acceptance criteria.

Rig Compliance Survey

Ensures the rig complies with your internal HSE and operating requirements and all regulations applicable to where you plan to drill.

Marine Safety Survey

Determines if the personnel and safety systems on-board the rig comply with all company and industry standards as well as government regulations.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Survey

Determines if the vessel’s positioning systems and related equipment comply with company and industry regulatory standards. We also provide a comprehensive approach to improve performance and reliability.

Alarm Management Audit

Inventories alarms and verifies that all are mapped, prioritized, annunciated, and triggered appropriately. We deliver recommendation reports and help you select alarm management tools.

Sensor Survey

The Athens Group Sensor Survey provides a comprehensive review of equipment sensor types, configurations, and installations to help ensure they meet specified customer and industry standards.

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