Operation and Maintenance

Our Operation and Maintenance services include:

Start-up Support

Our consultants sail with your rig and remain on board for the first few months of operation to help resolve punch-list items, identify and resolve new issues related to control systems software and interfaces, retest systems as necessary, and deliver an End of Engagement report with all findings and recommendations.

Troubleshooting and Remediation

We quickly diagnose issues, accurately report progress and manage vendors for fast resolution that minimizes the impact of downtime.

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in our Proven Practices to establish and maintain compliance with your SCM program.

Document Reconciliation

We help ensure that your asset’s documents are current and accurately represent the equipment in use for compliance with safety and environmental management systems (SEMS) regulation and other regional operating requirements.

Incident Investigation

Our incident investigation service is delivered according to strict confidentiality requirements and tailored to meet each customer’s needs. It includes the establishment of the relevant sequence of events that led up to the incident, identification of immediate and underlying root causes, and tailored recommendations for improvement.

Asset Life Extension Plan

Asset Life Extension Planning Services start with a focus on the efficiency and accuracy of the asset condition analysis. By optimizing the project team size and skillset, and avoiding unnecessary and redundant analysis activities, Athens Group is able to identify the most effective course of action in a highly efficient and cost effective manner. Assets include floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSO), floating storage and offloading units (FSO) and floating liquefied natural gas units (FLNG). The Life Extension Plan is adaptable and will include equipment, structures and systems to meet Classification Society Rules and relevant Regulatory bodies’ requirements.

Asset Preservation & Reactivation

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in our Proven Practices Methodology, Smart List and Asset integrity processes to establish compliance with the highest standards and meet our customer’s requirements.

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