Concept and FEED

Our Concept and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) services include:

Contract Language

We help you build stronger contracts to improve vendor accountability and reduce control systems software costs and risks, while reducing friction in your supply chain.

Concept of Operations

We work with your team during the concept phase to provide key input into the development of system requirements, the choice of validation and verification methods, the determination of integrity level, the alarm management philosophy and the software-specific contractual language needed for your asset.

Requirements Validation and Design Verification

We help ensure that requirements and design documents meet all performance, quality, health, safety and environmental (PQHSE) requirements. We then track requirements and issues throughout the entire lifecycle, enabling a more comprehensive FMECA, Factory Acceptance, Commissioning and System Integration Test, which provides for a smoother Acceptance process and ultimately, a more reliable rig.

Test Engineering

Proper execution of integrated system verification milestones such as Hardware in the Loop (HIL), factory acceptance, commissioning, rig intake, and sea trails are critical to ensuring safe and effective operations. Test Engineering services ensure the test methods and plans that will be used during verification milestones provide sufficient documented proof that the integrated system is safe and performs according to all your expectations and requirements.

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