Knowledge Delivery System


Athens Group Knowledge Delivery System was developed from our experience on over 350 high specification drilling and production projects worldwide. This system allows Athens Group to deliver the highest possible test and inspection coverage with consistency, traceability and repeatability across your asset fleet. Key features include:

  • Athens Group Proven PracticesSM – proven-in-use inspection, verification, and test methods derived from over 50 years of cross-industry experience with integrated systems engineering best practices, tailored to tailored to oil & gas assets
  • Athens Group SmartListSM – Our proprietary database of over 20,000 asset applicable checklist items taken directly from the major regulatory regimes and industry standards
  • Athens Group’s Well Control Inspection Tracker™ (WCIT™) is an all-inclusive tool that that combines regulatory compliance with asset integrity assurance to provide comprehensive traceability for inspection activity and records. WCIT provides a consistent and documented approach to well control equipment inspections, significantly improving global conformance while enabling analysis and tracking at a fleet-wide level.
  • Integrated with the Athens Group Quality Management System to enable continuous improvement of solution delivery methods through regular reviews of customer feedback, regulatory changes, and technology evolution
  • Cloud based, secure system, designed and managed for client confidentiality
  • Delivers solutions, not accusations, with actively managed follow-up and resolution tracking
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