Athens Group White Paper: Applying Systems Engineering to BOP Verification

Any qualified independent third party can deliver an inspection checklist that demonstrates BOP equipment compliance to specification or regulation. But while a checklist defines the problems, Athens Group BOP inspection and verification services deliver results that go beyond simple regulatory checklist compliance to provide real solutions that lower NPT, improve equipment and systems effectiveness, and lower operational and ownership costs.

Our inspectors are best in class, supported by a solid foundation of practice, training, tools and quality that enables a consistent value of deliverables. Athens Group quality management systems are ISO9000 certified.

Athens Group inspections don’t end with a completed checklist. To us, a checklist is a tool that triggers a solution, not a deliverable that “laundry lists” the problems. We analyze the problems, suggest and recommend solutions and can assist your team and suppliers with implementation.

White Paper Available Now

To request the new Athens Group white paper on “Applying Systems Engineering to BOP Verification,” please send a request via our Contact Us Page.  If you have any questions, please call toll free 1(877) 499-8393 or email

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