About Athens Group Rig Inspection Services

About Athens Group Inspection Services

Athens Group originated the exploration and production systems verification business in 2002, and was the first company to focus on integrated control systems as a key driver of operational safety and reliability. Since then, we have expanded our services portfolio to become your full-service inspection and verification partner. Our Proven PracticesSM Methodology sets us apart from our competitors and helps ensure your asset is delivered on time, on budget, and remains fit for purpose for the duration of its lifecycle.

How We Do It

  • Committed People
  • Customer FocusSystems-engineering Approach
  • Proven PracticesSM Methodology
  • Knowledge Delivery System
  • Athens Group Quality Management System (AGQMS)
  • Customer Focus

Athens Group Delivers Measurable Risk Reduction for Drilling and Production Assets

  • Increased safety to workers and the environment
  • Identification and remediation of risk sooner, more cost effective
  • Safer, fit-for-purpose, profitable, and marketable assets
  • Comprehensive final reports with overall findings, outstanding issues and pragmatic, actionable recommendations
  • Significant and measurable return on investment
  • Knowledge Delivery System & Quality Management System for consistent results
  • 100 percent referenceable customer base

Technology Assurance ServicesSM, Proven PracticesSM, Integrated Systems Lifecycle ManagementSM, SmartListSM and the Athens Group logo are all service marks of Athens Group, Inc. 

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