2016 – A Year in Review

As we reflect on the oil and gas industry this past year, we all have faced a challenging market. But the industry is beginning to show signs of recovery, so now is the time to prepare for the increased activities predicted in 2017. However, before we close the book on 2016, let’s take a look back at Athens Group’s technical editorials of the past year:

Well Intervention and the BSEE Well Control Rule: Who will you Call?

The BSEE Well Control Rule effective since 28 July 2016 is a significant step-change for the Oil & Gas Industry.  The requirements and stipulations encompass regulatory oversight, operational protocols, equipment design, and quality management principles derived from a variety of sources:  incorporation of industry standards, revised guidance from previous Notices to Lessees (NTLs), and implementation of recommendations resulting from various investigations.

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Improving Project Outcome with Integrated Systems Engineering at pre-FEED and FEED

A successful E & P construction project is one whose outcome meets the owner’s expectations for schedule, cost, performance, and safety. Unfortunately, there is typically an inverse relationship between the size and complexity of the project, and the certainty of a successful outcome. One of the major contributors to this inverse relationship is the fact that a modern exploration or production facility is a complex integrated machine made up of mechanical, electrical, and chemical subsystems, all under the supervisory control of one or more instrumentation and software control systems.

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The critical first steps for successful automation projects

The automation of drilling, production, and support processes is the next logical step in the evolution of technology in the increasingly digitized offshore sector. Initially, mechanization replaced human muscle power to allow more work to be done by fewer people and with larger machines. Then machine-system integration and computer-aided controls allowed the human to be physically removed from the most dangerous and difficult parts of a process, increasing safety and further reducing costs. 

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Getting the KPIs right: The critical first step in Asset Acceptance 

Best practices in systems engineering and test consider the definition and alignment of an asset’s functional, operational and HSE performance requirements — and the associated key performance indicators (KPIs) — to be the critical first step in any acceptance procedure. 

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Asset Preservation, Re-Activation and Stacking

Since 1998, Athens Group has worked on over 350 high specification drilling and production projects worldwide for major oil companies, drilling contractors and shipyards. During this period of time we have been part of two major oil price cycles including our most dramatic fall is the one we are living through today. This two-part series on asset preservation will first look at the terminology, economics and risks of stacking. The second part will focus on the Marine Class Society view of “idle time” and how to ensure a smooth re-activation.

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Five Stages of Asset Acceptance: A Systems Approach
Traditional Acceptance procedures for drilling and production assets are equipment centric, and typically focus on structural integrity and electro-mechanical functionality of individual machines. In most cases, the control systems responsible for the safe and effective operation of the integrated equipment system are given only cursory attention. 

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Knowledge Delivery System

Athens Group Knowledge Delivery System was developed from our experience on over 350 high specification drilling and production projects worldwide. This system allows Athens Group to deliver the highest possible test and inspection coverage with consistency, traceability and repeatability across your asset fleet.

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Athens Group is your comprehensive service provider for the verification and inspection of all marine, subsea and drilling systems throughout the asset lifecycle. Let us do the work for you to help ensure the safety and maximize the uptime of your offshore or onshore asset. To get answers any questions you may have about Athens Group surveys, inspections, compliance or other services, please contact us at info@athensgroup.com or call toll free +1(877)499-8393.

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